Personal challenge

2015-04-03 14:36:17 by SlasherCass

I started a 40 days of specific habits yesterday, which is involving getting drawings up every day. I'll be putting them in my art thread here and on deviantart. Yay goals!


2014-04-09 18:12:39 by SlasherCass

Working on an exciting project, lots of fun and challenging me with tons of anatomy practice. I get to draw a bunch of half naked people rhyming about sex!

Here's a (mostly clothed) tidbit:



2013-05-29 17:54:20 by SlasherCass

Going on a short trip to Kansas, I am still drawing all the time & I am taking a small sketchbook & some colored pencils as I'd love to create some little colored pieces. I haven't posted in ze thread in quite a while but I intend to once I return.

That is all, ciao.

A Finished Piece

2013-03-11 22:35:08 by SlasherCass

I started today on a piece that I am going to make nice & polished & colored, because I do have a lack of finished pieces. It's going to be relatively simple, but I am going to put a lot of effort in the coloring & shading.

Most importantly, it's a subject I enjoy working with: Pokemon :>

Art Threadiness

2013-03-09 00:00:54 by SlasherCass

Started an art thread, definitely a huge motivator for me. I plan to post in it every day, especially so I can work on anatomy.
I'm really excited because I'll finally be able to get some real critique on my work, since I'm usually the "best" artist amongst my group of friends (and I'm sure it's like that for most artists) and therefore never get anything beyond "AWESOMEEE" or maybe a small comment about something doesn't look quite right.

So! Excited, and a little intimidated. But mostly excited!

Hallo & Watup.

2013-02-28 03:27:05 by SlasherCass

It is time, for the art. I have only very recently (ehm, today) uploaded some of my art, and at that it is all older stuff. This site has inspired me, and especially now since I have begun to really focus on my art again I am really excited to get into it and continue to improve.
Let this be a reminder to myself to work hard, get some criticism, pump out some works & face all the demons! ALL THE DEMONS.